Get rid of your water management headaches with our safe, effective aquatic weed control solutions that will turn your green to clean.

Lake Management

Lake Management offers safe, effective solutions to excessive aquatic vegetation. Only experienced, licensed, trained personnel apply EPA approved, DNR allowed control products. There are no swimming or fishing restrictions following applications. [continue reading...]

Pond Management

Our pond management program begins with a free pond survey and assessment. LMI’s professional, trained and licensed staff will then prescribe a management plan tailored to the pond’s unique characteristics and based on safety, science, and the latest in EPA and DNR allowed control products. [continue reading...]

Fountain Systems

Decorative fountains sold, installed and serviced, with on-going yearly re-installation and removal programs. Fountains beautify your body of water with elegant display patterns and provide valuable oxygen and agitation to promote a healthy pond or lake. Each unit is fully contained and includes timers for unit operation. [continue reading...]