Fluridone 8 oz Bottle


Fluridone aquatic herbicide is a proven, popular active ingredient for controlling aquatic weeds (floating, submersed and emersed) in fresh water ponds.


Fluridone herbicide is a great product for duckweed control. Combine with an algaecide such as Cutrine Plus for algae control. Fluridone herbicide should be applied with a sprayer.

Fluridone is a proven and popular active ingredient for controlling aquatic weeds in fresh water ponds. Fluridone effectively controls a wide range of floating, submersed and emersed aquatic vegetation, including duckweed. Do not irrigate established turf/plants out of treated pond for 30 days see label in resources.

Controls and prevents: Hydrilla, Bladderwort, Watermilfoil, Naiad, Elodea, Water-lily, Pondweed, Coontail and Duckweed.

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